Candidates need young people to boost Latino voter turnout.

March 1, 2020


That’s why she’s wasn’t surprised that 75 percent of young Latinos in Texas had not heard from any presidential campaign in the last six months, according to a poll from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), which studies young Americans’ political engagement.

A poll by the Alliance for Youth Action and HIT Strategies found that 64 percent of young voters had never been contacted directly by a Democratic presidential campaign via text message, phone or email. They also found young voters are very engaged in politics — they’re just more issue-oriented than candidate-oriented. While the issues young Latinx voters prioritize vary depending on where they live, Terrance Woodbury of HIT Strategies said most are not feeling the effects of a recovering economy since 74 percent believe they will stay the same or fall behind economically in the future, according to the poll he helped conduct.

“It’s not common for a young generation to be this pessimistic about the economy,” he told NBC News. Woodbury deemed this a “missed opportunity” for Democratic candidates to engage the “most diverse voting bloc” in the process of electing the nominee, especially when it’s clear that “Trump is not the candidate for young people” as he continuously touts “how good the economy is.” While the policy agenda that young voters prioritize aligns closely with what many. Democratic candidates propose, they “must be persuaded,” Woodbury says, “especially when many young voters tend to not identify with either political party.”

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