The most important element of what you say is understanding the audience that you are saying it to. Research allows us to frame the message through values that resonate, and anchor it to proof points that validate, in order to mobilize target audiences around a policy or product.

Message Development

HIT Strategies constructs messages based on values authentic to the candidate or brand, and centered around values that resonate with their target audience. These values are anchored to proof points that validate the candidate or brand’s position, and are used to mobilize the target audience around a policy or product. HIT Strategies develops uniquely tailored messaging for each client to be able to successfully connect in a meaningful way with those the campaign is trying to reach.

Research Integration

HIT Strategies is committed to research integration on all parts of the campaign. We want to make sure the winning message is carried through and consistent among the various departments and products– field scripts, tv, marketing material, finance messaging, online ads, speeches, etc.

Message Testing

After messaging has been developed and integration into the campaign has begun, qualitative and quantitative research can be done to further refine wording, take feedback on mail and copy, test follow-up and engagement on campaign materials, and test reactions to TV, Radio, and online advertising.