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Bex Pachl

Executive Assistant

Bex Pachl is the Executive/Research Assistant to HIT Strategies partners Roshni Nedungadi and Terrance Woodbury. As an Executive/Research Assistant, Bex manages Nedungadi’s and Woodbury’s day-to-day operations and schedules, implementing systems and strategies to ensure productivity and efficient completion of work. Beyond the micro-level management of calendars, Bex also works with the founders of HIT Strategies on macro-level,  


Bex studied Sociology at Wellesley College. Bex turned their study of inequality into a passion for politics, law, and advocacy, interning over the years at the ACLU, EMILY’s List, and Nesbitt Research. At the ACLU, Bex served the National Political Advocacy Department, managing ten high-profile campaigns and their complex needs. At EMILY’s List, Bex managed donor stewardship and helped author fundraising materials on behalf of the Founder of EMILY’s List. At Nesbitt Research, Bex worked as a political opposition researcher. Bex has also worked on two campaigns, once as a Finance Assistant to James Iacino in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District and once as a volunteer to Becca Rausch’s first campaign in Massachusetts.  


Bex uses they/them pronouns and identifies as non-binary and genderfluid. They are a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and believe wholeheartedly in HIT’s central tenant of workplace diversity, begetting good research. Bex lives in Washington, DC, with Ralph, who uses her/her pronouns.