Samuel Madrigal

Programmer & Analyst

Samuel Madrigal is the Programmer/Analyst at HIT Strategies, who works with progressive candidates, advocacy groups and nongovernmental organizations conducting political research, taking advantage of online, cell phone and multi-modal survey methods in order examine hard-to-reach populations. After seven years working on a diverse collection of clients ranging from City Council to President, from Maine to Alaska. Samuel knows what data-driven solutions to implement to optimize strategic client goals. 

Samuel has executed media plans for House Majority PAC, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Wendy Davis for Governor, as well as conducted qualitative and quantitative research for AFL-CIO polling consortium, Maggie Hassan for Senate and DCCC. 

Samuel holds a BA degree in Political Science from Arizona State University, and believes the humble hot dog holds unique distinction in culinary lore as being both a sandwich and not a sandwich.