Forrest Osburn

Research Assistant

Prior to starting HIT Strategies in November 2019, Forrest spent his early 20’s working in Campaign Politics. He began his career as an intern with the California Democratic party in 2016 at the age of 20. In 2017, he took a semester off college to work as an organizer in South Houston with Lift Up Houston. In 2018, he again took a semester off college to work as a Field Organizer, this time with the Phil Bredesen for Senate campaign in Nashville. There he focused on organizing college campuses and in diverse, working-class communities. After graduating in May 2019, Forrest had a brief stint with the Climate Campaigns Department at the Audubon Society before accepting a position with HIT. As a Black Gen Z’er, he believes HIT’s mission aligns perfectly with his values and life experience. His career goals are to create better politics where people like him are better understood and therefore can have their needs met better. Through both his personal and professional experience, Forrest brings a unique perspective that is hard to find anywhere else.