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  1. New Poll: Biden and Democrats’ Approval Improve with Black Voters in August. Black Voters Support More Action on Abortion

    Washington, D.C. | September 15 –President Biden and Democrats saw their approvals jump in HIT Strategies’ most recent BlackTrack survey

  2. Watch: Young Surge Voters React to the Inflation Reduction Act in Focus Groups. Few Had Heard News of Bill’s Passage

    Washington, D.C. | Aug 15 – In HIT Strategies’ latest Democratic focus group, young surge voters reacted to the passage

  3. ICYMI: The Hill Features July BlackTrack Poll Showing Dramatic Drop in Supreme Court Approval over Gun-Control and Abortion Access

    Washington, DC | August 1 – In case you missed it, The Hill featured HIT’s July BlackTrack poll

  4. Democrats Need to Address the Mass Shootings and Racist Violence that the Black Community Fears

    By: Terrance Woodbury Just this past May, a white supremacist, fueled by political extremism from the right, drove